Nepalgunj Regional Workshop

A one-day orientation workshop was conducted in Nepalgunj on 31 May 2015 for the potential applicants from Mid/Far West Regions of Nepal. The purpose of the orientation workshop was to provide information on the Adaptation at Scale Prize Stage One Application Process, including Eligibility Criteria, Judging Criteria, and Terms & Conditions etc. and to generate maximum participation of applicants from the both regions. The workshop was conducted by Adaptation at Scale Prize, Ideas to Impact and organized in coordination with Mid and Far West regions based respective regional secretariats of NGONCC, YAC Nepal, Dhangadi and DWO, Banke.

A total number of 40 participants representing NGOs, CBOs, Government agency representatives, community users’ group members etc. attended the workshop. The workshop started with a session on Adaptation at Scale Prize – Background, Context and Implications to Adaptation and was conducted further with sessions that oriented the participants on Eligibility Criteria and Judging Criteria of applying process of the Adaptation at Scale Prize. The other sessions conducted was on Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines on the Prize Applying process. A session on how to register online on the web platform of the Adaptation at Scale Prize website was also demonstrated for the participants.

The workshop was attended by participants who represented diverse working sector and majority of there are of work they have been implementing has been addressing the climate change and climate change adaptation issues in their project activities. Majority of activities that the participants shared during the workshop that has been addressing climate change and climate change adaptation initiations as cross cutting issue in the main thematic addressed issues were in the following areas

  • Alternate Energy Promotion, Biogas Preservation, Promotion of use of improved cooking stoves
  • Agriculture, Seed Banks, Irrigation, Local Seed Preservation, Nursery
  • Nutrition and Food Security
  • Natural Resources Management and Preservation of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Preparedness, flood/earthquake affected areas
  • Implementations Community Adaptation Plan of Action (CAPA) and Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) to address Climate Change and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate adapted villages
  • Community Forestry
  • Capacity Building, Mobilization of local youth clubs, Awareness programmes on local radio, Gender Equality, strengthen access to information of local people

During the 2nd half of the workshop a group work was conducted among the participants. There were 4 groups who were given situations (cases) and each group had to present their findings in each case from the perspective of eligibility criteria and judging criteria of the prize scheme as discussed with them earlier. They were to analyse the strength and weakness of each case and give their opinion whether the case is fit to the prize scheme or not?

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