Glossary of Terms

  • Climate Change ADAPTATION

We understand adaptation in this context as responses to actual or expected risks to livelihoods from climate change and variability, including planning and acting for a more variable and uncertain climate.

  • Scaling up and out

The aim of the adaptation at Scale Prize is to encourage eligible organizations to develop new and innovative ways to sale community driven climate change adaptation initiatives. By scaling out we mean expansion within the current geographical location or to new geographical location(s), and scaling up means integration into policies, plans or programs of national, provincial and local government and/or other actors such as NGOs and INGOs.

  • Innovation

Innovation is about developing and implementing new climate change adaptation ideas and methods or existing ideas and methods with new approaches, technology and thinking. The innovations can either be new to the world(novel), either new to a region or business(imitative) or new to the field of Endeavor, that is repurposed (adaptive).

  • Innovative

New and of value to people in this context.

  • Technology

Technology includes both "hard" technology (e.g. equipment, capital goods, rain water harvesting and early warning systems) and "soft" technology (e.g. knowledge management, awareness raising, capacity building, skills improvement and gender empowerment, development of policies and communication skills and strategies).

  • Beneficiaries (Direct/Indirect)

People who directly benefit from the prize including the community or individuals who are targeted by the applicant. Indirect beneficiaries may include other boundary actors like local NGOs who may be informed by a new adaptation measure and scaling process. It also includes other people who benefit from the prize but are not directly targeted, e.g., people in neighboring communities who may learn of the adaptation measures from the direct beneficiaries.

  • People with disabilities (PWD)

People whose mental, sensory or mobility functions are substantially restricted.