A@SPP Process

As the Adaptation at Scale Prize Project (A@SPP) is an ongoing project under the overall Ideas to Impact (ITI) programme of using financial incentives in the form of cash award to stimulate and sustain transformational change in Nepalese society. The tasks involves working with mostly already identified development and adaptation practitioners to maximize the benefit to poor, vulnerable and deprived population by improving their capacity, skills and knowledge in adapting to climate change in Nepal.

The basic premise of the Ideas to Impact (ITI) programme - of which the Adaptation at Scale Prize (A@SP) project is a component - is that carefully selected and awarded cash prize incentivizes the innovators, attracts investors and co-funders – including private sectors and significantly improves the livelihoods and wellbeing of the targeted beneficiary community – group of resource poor, vulnerable, deprived, and women members of the society. The ITI programme (www.ideastoimpact.net) - a five-year Innovation Prize programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), UK - defines an innovation prize as a “financial incentive that induces change through competition”. The cash award is provided to the winners “with few or no strings attached” and is therefore a results and recognition based payments (PbR)[1] As well, the awardees are not given prize for doing “business-as-usual” job but for doing additional crystallization, innovation and expansion/outreach of the work that is characterized by innovation, scaling-up and scaling out features- especially the last two aspects are attributed to the prize money transfer. The A@S prize project was launched in Nepal in 2015 through careful design and launch of a series of Innovation Prizes to stimulate and incentivize INGOs, NGOs, CBOs and other non-state actors to develop and deploy solutions for low-income individuals and households through their efforts, with a particular focus on adaptation to climate change.

A@SPP Process

 Step 1 – Eligibility Criteria

o   Applicants should first review the eligibility criteria to ensure they/their organization meets all the listed criteria

 Step 2 – Registration

o   The applicant should then register through the A@SPP website (www.adaptationatscale.org) where they will have access to the application form and submitted to support@adaptationatscale.org

Step 3 - Screening

o   The A@SPP team will screen their application to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria. If it passes they will be contacted to agree final reporting indicators.

Step 4 - Implementation

o   The registered applicants implement their initiative providing  reports to A@SPP on a periodic basis to report the  progress

Step 5 - Monitoring

o   Monitoring of partners' progress by A@SPP team

Step 6 - Reporting

o   The registered applicants submit the final report by the deadline in September 2018 presenting the results achieved

 Step 7 - Judging

o   The A@SP judging panel reviews the final reports and evaluate it against sub criteria aligned to the evaluation criteria

Step 8 – Award!

o   Assuming a satisfactory outcome of the judging and due diligence process the applicant will be awarded a share of cash prize.