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The Adaptation at Scale Prize Project (A@SPP) is an ongoing project under the overall Ideas to Impact (I2I) programme. This project uses financial incentives, in the form of cash awards, to stimulate and sustain transformational change in Nepalese society. Most of the project's activities involve working with already identified development and adaptation practitioners. Thus, we seek to maximize the benefit to the poor, vulnerable and deprived population by improving their capacity, skills, and knowledge in adapting to climate change in Nepal.

Why run a Prize?

Nepal has plenty of great examples of community driven initiatives that are successfully changing people’s lives for the better in terms of climate change adaption. These initiatives are helping communities respond to real and expected climate change risks. But these initiatives are often limited to one geographic area or a few communities. Imagine what could be achieved if these success stories could be expanded (scaled up)? What if more people could use this experience to improve the way they live and respond to climate change? The benefits could be HUGE!

Who can Apply for a Prize?

We are looking for applications from organizations that are working in the areas of climate change adaptation in Nepal to develop new and innovative ways to scale-up and scale-out community driven CCA initiatives and actions focusing on the vulnerable, marginalized and the indigenous and local poor communities. They could be INGOs, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, academic institutions or private sector business organisations. They should be able to liaise between local people and actors such as Government, donors and other funders.

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